"Music heals all forms of misery"

A Christmas Wish From TMVC

video put together by TMVC member Andy Wallis

Virtual Choir Piece


Harmony in Europe

performed by 75 singers from the choirs of  

BROADSTAIRS(TMVC & Harmony Ladies), 

ITALY(Coro Monte Pizzo)

and GERMANY(Mannerquartet Frohsinn)

Joint Concert with Vauxhall MVC

October 19th 2019

Concert at Cranleigh

St Nicholas Church

Saturday 28th September 2019

TMVC & from left to right, MD Martin Rendle.

Soloist Martha Woodhams.

Accompanist Deborah Longley

and our host,

Founder MD for TMVC Roy Woodhams

Martha Woodhams

        The magnificent cedar           at St Nicholas planted in 1850

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